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Estimating and Cost Planning

We live in uncertain times. This is why you can rely on Accurate Estimating Services to deliver sound, practical and accurate advice in relation to the measurement and forecasting costs for new construction.

Many years of cost planning experience on small, medium and large projects has given us the capability to produce cost planning advice tailored to suit practical purposes. Depending upon our clients' individual needs, estimates can be prepared as broad Orders of Cost designed for speculative cost analysis or at concept design; elemental estimates from Schematic to Design Development for a more accurate cost forecast; or trade based where detailed costings are required for tender preparation or analysis, or the establishment of trade based targets.

Furthermore we can assist our clients with tender negotiation through to contract, and we actively promote our integral involvement in the application of value management concepts and attendance at Project Control Group meetings.

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Trade Package Measurement

We've got builders and tradies covered too. Wide ranging experience in trade package and bills of quantities measurement enables us to appreciate the challenges of practical measurement and tender formulation in the modern world

We seek to work hand-in-hand with our clients to gain a strong understanding of their particular pricing methodology, in order to provide reports that deliver a unique style of measurement tailored to the complexities of their business, rather than adopt a stringent method of measurement that may be impractical with modern construction techniques.

Naturally too we can if preferred, prepare documentation that complies with the current AIQS Standard Method of Measurement.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

Preparation of a tax depreciation schedule can assist the astute property investor in legitimately claiming deductions for depreciation against their rental or property portfolio to maximise our client's annual tax returns in addition to the benefits gained through negative or positive gearing.

We prepare tax depreciation schedules that conform to recommendations of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and the Australian Taxation Office guidelines for qualifying plant and equipment, capital works allowances and external structural improvements. Furthermore we strive to stay up to date with changes in legislation that may affect what our clients can and cannot claim.

Beware of companies offering cheap or "do it yourself" imitations of well prepared tax depreciation schedules. We tailor our fees to suit the anticipated complexity of each property and individual circumstances of their ownership to deliver a product that delivers true value for money. Furthermore we inspect each property to enable us to understand the age and condition of assets, including renovations and additions in order to legitimately maximise the benefits achievable.

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Contract Administration, Cost Control and Project Management

Effective cost control of projects under construction is a function of regular reporting and communication between stakeholders and an ability to negotiate towards positive outcomes for all.

We can be engaged to prepare or assess builder's progress claims, negotiate on variations if needed and prepare regular progress reports to keep our clients well informed and seek to avoid or give reasonable notice of foreseeable nasty surprises, in order to minimise financial risk to a project.

We can assist with the preparation, analysis and negotiation of tenders and we actively promote project management through associated partnerships with project management consultants, design consultants and building contractors.

Financial Auditing

Our team have many years experience in the preparation of Pre-construction Cost Reports and Progress Certificates for some of Australia's largest financial institutions.

We provide an independent third party opinion of the value of work complete, the recommended value of progress payments and a calculation of the likely cost to complete the project in order to minimise or help to identify foreseeable risks to a project under construction.

Insurance Replacement Cost Estimates

Within the last ten years, construction costs have effectively doubled. Nevertheless many property owners have failed to keep their property portfolio adequately insured.

Regular re-valuing of a building's replacement cost is prudent to the astute property owner or body corporate.

We can prepare an insurance replacement cost estimate for your property, irrespective of age or size, and our reports forecast the reconstruction value of the asset including demolition and removal, redesign and tendering costs, and escalation through to handover of the reconstructed asset.

Sinking Fund Forecasts

We are highly experienced with the preparation of sinking fund analyses for new and existing developments, to be used in the calculation of levies payable by property owners within a group title. We can prepare these reports directly to a body corporate, or through a body corporate manager to present a realistic schedule of budgeted items requiring short-term or long-term replacement or significant overhaul.

Expert Witness Reports

On occasions when building disputes arise, we have the experience to offer impartial and unbiased advice and reporting in relation to construction costs, variations and defects rectification. We offer pro-active negotiating and are available to provide independent evidence that can be relied upon for discussion for mediations, tribunals or the courts.